Selling a Home

There is nothing worse than a home that doesn't sell. In many situations when a home doesn't sell it doesn't mean that there are no buyers. It could be as simple as your listing has not been exposed to enough people. Having a poor selling and market strategy can cost thousands of dollars in wasted time and potential equity.

It takes more than having a sign on the lawn and listing on MLS to sell a home! More than 93% of buyers use digital media to search for their next home.

A new breed of home buyer

Today's home buyers are a new breed of buyer. They're smarter, more informed and armed with an arsenal of information at their finger tips. More and more home buyers are going online to search for the most up to date listings, compare properties and sift through thousands of listing to match their criteria. At agent on the move we are there to provide these buyers with your listing.

An astounding 90% of house buyers are using digital media to search for their next home. Gone are the wasted days of driving around a neighbourhood looking for homes for sale. Buyers today have a wealth of information and are being exposed to potential listings through non-traditional channels such as social media, listing alerts, e-newsletter, online classifieds and mobile technologies. Realtors who have not adopted these new mediums of advertising your home may cost you many potential buyers than normally wouldn't have been exposed to your property.

We help you connect with you those buyers

agent on the move™ we pride ourselves on being one of the most tech saavy group of professionals in the industry. Our selling strategies encompasses a multi-facet approach to selling real estate by adopting traditional and non-traditional means of advertising your property. It's all about getting your property in front of the masses and getting as many potential buyers as possible in the shortest amount of time. A local paper may distribute their real estate section once or twice a week. In the digital era, people want instant information and we give it to them.

For more information about how we can help you sell your property, please contact us and we will be glad to tailor a selling strategy for your home.